We have a number of our satisfied customers around London and neighbouring areas in the UK due to our professionalism, reliability and efficient staff towards all the customers. We are proud to say our business is grown by from word of mouth and we rely on our customers to keep coming back to all the professional services we offer


Customer Feedback for Plumbing & Heating Services:

I've suffered from a leaky shower for 2 years, mainly, as it transpired, due to a previous plumber not following the manufacturer's instructions in fitting a shower cartridge correctly. Andrew turned up precisely on time as arranged, and rectified the whole problem. He showed me how the problem arose, and how he was tackling it. He was very clean and thorough in his approach and needless to say, I will now always use Advanced Plumbing for my future needs and have recommended them to the porter in my apartment block.

Sanjay, Westminster, London

Having an emergency Boiler Breakdown, I telephoned Advanced Heating and explained the situation and Andrew came out straight away to assess the problem. He managed to get a replacement and get it fitted by one of his team very quickly. They are extremely reliable, skilled and friendly, they do a great job with minimal disturbance. The customer care is second to none. I can’t recommend Advanced Heating highly enough and would definitely have no hesitation in using again.

Patricia Martin, East London

Certainly feeling more relaxed over here in Indonesia having found a good plumber. Thank you so much for sorting out the boiler problems and broken sink, tap for us. I though I would have to pay more that that surprising you were so competent, sorted everything out so quickly.

Will be in touch again in the future when I get you to replace boiler

Indonesia, Landlord of Flat in Miles Close, SE5

Dear Andrew,
Many thanks for fitting the boiler today. My tenants have said that the person who came to fit it was really efficient and has cleared up beautifully and the boiler is working much better than the old one. I'm so relieved that it has all been so stress free - thanks so much for all your help! I would definitely recommend you if there are anywhere you want me to leave feed back on the web.

Angela, Landlord, E7

I didn’t think much of you when I got my tenant to call you out. I just thought you would be similar to other companies in London which like to overcharge the customer and try to make excuse when they make mistake.

Even though we had very difficult things to deal with, but you handled very well. You knew inside and outside the jobs and didn’t rip me off even thought I’m abroad. You knowledge saved me thousands of pounds. You corrected things for us, you were there for us and sorry that I was so frustrated when I dealt with you I need to apologize. However, please take my word next time I use you I won’t be like that as I know you are the best!

Hungary, Landlord of property in Docklands, E14

To my hero, Andrew,

Remember you have saved my wife and baby’s lives?. I phoned you up in the morning and requested an engineer to come round and fix my boiler. We didn’t have any hot water or heating at the same time my wife was at the end of pregnancy. She was freezing and really worried about a baby who is going to get born in the cold!. You came round within an hour and identified that there was a problem with the fan. Unfortunately, when we both discovered that all manufactures stopped making this particular fan I was so sad at first not thinking you would be able to fix it at all. However you did spend your time to look around and get information, then next thing I knew was that you fixed my boiler and I could see that you replaced the new fan with a similar one that you had with you in your vehicle and you bent it and designed it in such a way it would fit on the boiler and it worked! You really saved lives and brought our hot water back, it’s good to know there is some dedicated engineer like this in London. Now I have lovely hot water and heating and my baby is growing

Brown, Strand, EC2

Thank you very much for assisting at such short notice. I will certainly use you for all future work at Lupus Street.

Leonard, Pimlico‏, SW1

I felt so relief when I knew the entire nightmare’s over. It is a lot harder for me to deal with the problems when I’m in overseas. One day my tenant phoned me up telling me about all radiators, heating problem in the house. I was as worried about then as they couldn’t get any heat working at all. Then I just emailed you luckily your staff were unbelievably helpful so you contacted my tenant for me and also phoned me back and she just sent the heating engineer in matter of hours. I knew there were a lot of things going wrong in my heating system so Advanced Heating Services came out and pointed out why we always had this problem and explained everything to us. They were honest to me and my tenant guided us the right direction to the root of the problems then I had authorized them to do power flush and fix the whole system after that all the problems are gone away.

It’s just good to know at least there’s a reliable heating company in London who we can trust and do business with also competent. Thanks for dealing with all these when I’m far away. I’ll never forget about you.

Australia, Landlord of property in Riverside, SE11

I want to say your website is very professional and all your plumbers who have done the work for me were courtesy and high skilled. They were very fair with what they charged me and did very good jobs. You probably remember me I’m the one that had problems with plumbing, tap, toilet, valve at my flat and I don’t actually live in England. I can say you are the one company that I trust enough to leave my flat’s keys with and leave your plumbers to work there alone with no fear. Thanks for being so honest and assisting me with everything I requested and I think you make very good model of this business. I will definitely use you again.

W J, Builder, West Olympia , W14

I couldn’t use my shower for a couple of weeks as I couldn’t find anyone who was able to deal with my shower situations. Luckily, I found you at last, you made me so happy. Your plumber was so professional, he was on time and sufficient I can tell he’s been trained really well that’s why he managed to fix it in only 2 hours even though it was very complicated fault! I will consider having a new shower installed and I won’t give the job to anyone else but Advanced Professional Plumbing and Heating Services

Your happy customer, Cheers

Nicky, Tooting Broadway, SW17 London

Thank you very much for sending your gas engineer to sort out my heating problems. I do appreciate the speedy and efficient service. That’s why I want to do some more businesses with you guys.

Jenny, Docklands furniture, Canning Town , E16

After being on holiday for 4 weeks – the day we came back to London we put our heating and hot water on. Unfortunately nothing was working, we found a leak form radiator valve as well and heard seem crazy noise from the boiler. We started to panic as we have young children and they were getting cold. The whole house was chilly we couldn’t have any bath. We then phoned up Advanced Heating Service and they sent a guy round who is qualified and experience. He came so straight away and did everything he could to get it working and luckily he had spare radiator valve in his van so he replaced and made safe However the radiator still needed replacing so he came on eon the next day even though he wasn’t on duty! He’s unbelievably dedicated. . Whatever he did on the night and next day was really appreciated. If he didn’t come out we would have been frozen as we couldn’t get anyone apart form them, no boys answered the phone at all.

You are excellent! Thanks for saving us on the cold night, faithfully

Nissa, Sewardstone, E2

You are excellent! You could deliver everything you say especially when you worked around us. I was so please with the service I was given by your plumber. He was so gentleman and did really well! No doubt about this guy - he is a good asset to the company. I will pass your name to all my friends. Whenever I have any plumbing or heating problem will come to you straight away. Well one more thing, everyone in your company was so friendly and helpful. Special thanks for them too, Regards

Mahalieh, Forest Hill, SE23

Highly appreciated with what you did. My old boiler and hot water cylinder gave us headache. I had to keep fixing them all the time and it caused inconvenience to my tenants. As a landlord I really wished to have this sorted. I contacted your company and Andrew, who deals with Technical matters was so helpful and knowledgeable. He knew everything that happened to the system even though he had not seen yet (I had phoned round almost 15 companies, nobody seemed to know what they were talking about!!) He described everything exactly and recommended me if I kept this system running it would keep costing me more and more I spoke to him quite long on the phone then I decided to give them the jobs to replace the whole system and asked them if they could do the job on the next day. I couldn’t believe they tried their hardest to fit us in and completed the job professionally, my tenants sent me photographs of their work I could only say WOW! I was impressed with the quality and they added value to my tenant’s as well as my life. It’s worth spending money on them. Thanks again Advanced Professional Plumbing and Heating Services

USA, Simpson, Landlord, WC1

Dear Mr.Smith (Company Director), your plumber did a great job, customer service was great. You picked the phone up (unlike some companies in London) you were very helpful and polite. It’s not something you experience in London very often and it is reassuring to know how you are a growing company helping out with skill shortage here and I believe you will be expanding a lot bigger very soon!

Alice, Enfield, EN1

Dear Mr.Smith, I have no worries about that (I am in very good hands) I cannot begin how much I appreciate your efforts and I do hope our relationship is for life. Thank you for all the hard work you are going through on my behalf.

Angelika, City London, Blackfriars, EC4

Thanks for looking after my mum for me; she is old and quite worrying. I live very far away from her. I firstly was quite worried about the person who was coming to the property when my mum is there alone but you sent female plumber with senior male plumber round to the house. And she felt very save with you. The lady was very nice and helpful she kept my mum company. They installed the whole toiler and bathroom for my mum and she really loves it (after having to use the spare toilet toiler for months) you kept me informed everything and I was very happy with your service. (Unfortunately I didn’t catch the lady’s name if she still works for you please tell her for me that my mum wants her back and won’t use anyone else)

Thanks for installing new toiler for my mum and fixing the spare toilet for her.

Holland, Landlord, St. James's Park, SW1

My comment to you is I think you can beat many bigger companies in London and I will wait to see you get to that state. With your knowledge and professionalism to give us very good honest services I believe in YOU

Thanks for helping me and my tenant with the boiler problems

Denmark, Kelly Baners, Landlord of the flat in Islington, North London

I have very busy life style in Canada. Then couple months ago I heard from my tenant that they were thinking about moving out because they started to get really fed up with then plumbing and heating system at the property. It doesn’t seem to work as well as it should. I had to phone round 6-7 companies in London. Nobody even picked the phone up and at last just though I would try Advanced Heating, I rang them just once and they picked the phone up in one second. I explained situation to them and they sent gas engineer round to look at the problems. He was very experience; he showed my tenant what happened and explained things to them and fixed the problems for me. After that my tenant just phoned me back and said they are not leaving as they understand I tried my best. I can’t thank you enough for saving me from all hassles. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to all my family and friends.

Canada, Landlord of property in Rotherhithe, SE16

Dear Andrew,

The fire was fitted very quickly and efficiently by your engineer on Friday (just before I had very important party at home on Sat), and my
compliments to him and your company.

Linda Jonhans, Notting Hill Gate, W11

Thanks you so much to everyone at Advanced Heating Services. Thanks for installing a wonderful Mega-Flo for me. I’m writing to you just to let you know how much I appreciated your services. You carried out quality work. The new cylinder never gives me any problem at all. It works very well and looks modern. You save me all the hassles I used to have. All I can say is I can’t thank you all for this and will come back to you again.

Chiang Chin, Isle of Dogs, East London

You are my number one plumber in my heart. I couldn’t believe you were the only one who managed to fix my complicated OLD boiler. (I had 3 different companies coming round before and nobody seemed to be capable to fix this particular fault) I expected to pay a lot more than what I was charged. You are trustworthy. Thanks again for not overcharging me.

Rebecca, Caledonian Road, N7

Advanced heating Service London. I'm sure you will go very far in the future. They are honest, look after us so well. Even when I phoned them during the night, they sent someone out right away.

I've been looking for good corgi engineer for long time. At last I found them. A reliable company who supports customers all the way.

Great Plumbers, Great gas engineers. They fixed my boiler in no time!

I only want to give you a feedback about Advanced Professional Plumbing and Heating Services.

Stewart, Bromley, BR1

If someone looks for a good plumber. I'd highly recommend Advanced Heating. They have really good plumbers in the firm. The service is so sufficient; everyone is so friendly and helpful. I live in overseas and own a property in London. My tenant phoned up and said they had a leak from somewhere and it wasn't easy to investigate. The water was going to neighbor’s house. I then phoned up Advanced Heating, I couldn't believe they sent a plumber in the evening and did the job without any problems and they kept me informed everything. I was over the moon the service was great, not to expensive and what and saved me from having issue with my neighbor. Million thanks guys!

Graham, Landlord of Highgate Mansions, Covent Garden

Thank you for fixing my under floor heating, it had been giving me lots of problems before. However, I made the right decision calling you out ! Thanks for getting this sorted for me so promptly. You are such experienced engineers I’ve ever met!

Tomas Phillips, Danbury street, Islington, N1

Thanks so much for being there for us! On the night that we had water pipes burst in the bathroom, the ceiling just came down within seconds. We were so panicking and we didn’t know what to do. When we phoned you up, you were so kind you gave us instruction over the phone then within 15 minutes you plumber just arrived and sorted everything out for us. He calmed us down and guided us how to deal with this situation and how to deal with insurance. We can say other companies wouldn’t waste their to explain all this to me. You are the most sufficient and lovely plumber I’ve ever used.

Jessica and friends, Romford, Essex, RM1

Million thanks for sorting my boiler out at the cold night. I was freezing before he came. I phoned up and they sent someone within 20 minutes. They were so sufficient! I couldn't believe that. The engineer just came and fixed that for me. He saved my life ! I was really impressed

Anika Lopse, Clerkenwell, Central London, EC1

We are impressed with their 5 star service. They are professional do the job properly. They are experienced and look after customer very well. We will keep using them and recommend them to our friends

Parade Smile Restaurant & Pub, Shoreditch, E2

I use you all the time and you never let me down. You always turn up on time and do good jobs for me and my tenants. Always keep me informed of what happens and are there for me. The bright future is in your hands

Angela, Primrose Hill, NW3

Thanks for fixing the megaflo- remember the pressure relief valve? Invoice no.1554; just want to say thanks for that!!! Will definitely use you again; all the best with your success in London

Pontis, Westbourne Green, W2

Hi there thanks for coming round late last night to fit my hob and tap; I was desperate to get it done and I did not really want to go through the weekend without it!!; you are definitely well worth the money- I phoned round another 5 companies and they did not even answer the phone!! You knew what you were doing

Thai restaurant, Euston Square, Camden, NW1

I've never had any bad experience like this before. My toiler was blocked and I couldn't even use toilet for almost 2 days. The plumber came with special tools and fixed the problem for me. I was so happy. Thanks for helping me

Jazz, Victoria Docks, E16

Hi there, told you I would leave a comment; I think you guys are great, great knowledge and experience, you done well with that install; next time, please try to keep me posted more if the Engineer is late for a service though!!! Otherwise you will have customers coming onto you; however, very polite, I will be a reference for you well done;

Winny Desston, South East London, Woolwich, SE18

Hi there , its Robbie here; I said I would get back you- here I am, anyone wanting a reliable, honest plumber, look no further than these guys, they wont let you down;; I got my boiler working today, and was charged a reasonable fee

Robbie, Orpington, Kent, BR5

Hi, just want to say thanks!! will use you again, your plumber Paul was friendly, and knew what he was doing and got to the root of my booster pump; these guys are great and the office staff speak well too!

Nita, Brixton, SW2

Hi special thanks to Maureen, your office person, she was very helpful; I got your guy dean round last month to do a plumbing repair in the bathroom, and I found not only your service great, but Maureen was so polite, and helpful, and understood my quick requirements! Sorry if I was abrupt, was just stressed about it all! Anyway, thanks, and Maureen deserves recognition for her efficiency; I have used a lot of other plumbing companies, and I have never came across this; Great!

Monica, Rainham, RM13

Thanks for helping my daughter today with that tap; was difficult to find someone who would even turn up on time!! you came on time and sorted it for her and I’m glad I have found a company I can trust; my only comment is to improve on the information being delivered to the engineer; but I appreciate you try your best and will improve on that for next time

Tan, Mile End, Bow, E3

Cheers for helping us this morning; remember me? Lectra? You changed a pump; thanks to your lovely lady, - Maureen I believe? She got Paul Davies to track down the pump and assisted with it; she is so polite and great with customers. Thanks for your recommendation to get the grundfos one; it is certainly a lot quieter and efficient! You really know your stuff!

David Jones, Leicester Square, WC2

Hi guys, just want to let you know Mr.Davis did a grand job at my apartment at Docklands, fitting a new shower screen; it was not an easy one to fit as he will remember! But I was impressed, because 2 other plumbers looked at it and just scratched their heads! You guys know your stuff; will certainly recommend you

Pecky, Newington, SE17

Hi there, cheers guys for doing my hob today, it was a bit of a relief to get that done, especially with my kitchen fitter coming round to finish off the worktops; thanks for putting up with my requests, and you did really well; good effort

Nanny, Seven Sisters, N15 North London

Thanks for helping us on Sunday- our shower drains better now! Such a quick and prompt service - they knew what they were doing and did not overcharge‎
Frederick Nov 2008

Robert Moor, Golders Green NW11

Hi there, I got your plumber today to fix my tap; I just want to say how impressed I was he turned up on time, and got the correct taps, did not overcharge me; pity about the material collection time, however, well worth it, because if I got the part, it would have been the wrong one!! X best wishes for the future

Williams, Blackfriars, EC4

Cheers you guys, for fixing the leak on my washing machine. I want to apologize for my tone of voice to you when I first phoned up - that should never happen! I was just stressed out with trying to find someone! but your guy Rick was great; so polite, and did not overcharge me, kept me informed; cheers; I will come back to you about that gas certificate; remember and call me about the price for it???

Portman, Lee Green , SE12

Hi there, its Alan from N19 job, remember the guy that had his wife to have the baby in the home? It all went to plan; thanks- ! I couldn’t believe you managed to use that spare fan in your van to fix the boiler!! Your guy Andy swapped the windings in the fan to make it work!! Wow!! Great! Thanks! Will use you again definitely

Alan, St.John's Wood, NW8

Well done you guys, you did well with turning up- you were the only ones!! Remember that toilet with the rubber gasket at the back you changed? It’s still ok after you left and we are all happy! my neighbor downstairs as you can imagine is very grateful as well you came fast!!!

Eddie, Waltham , Middlesex, EN2

Cheers advanced, for fixing our gas pipe on 18th July; remember? i went back to this to give customer feedback, not for the entry to competition, but to say thanks and that we will be using you again

Rennie, Norwood, SE21

Hi this is to enter the competition, but mainly I’m doing it to say what a superb service I received today! Thanks! Remember you plumbed in the washing machine? Thanks

Oley, Earl's Court , SW5

I want to comment on your service- you did put the boiler right for me, and im sure next time it wont give me so much bother again; I will take you recommendation to change it; thanks for your swift response; my only comment is to try and watch the timekeeping!!! But I know it is hard in London

Jonnie, Alexandra Park, N22

Come out again next year I need my gas certificate done! I appreciate your efforts and your lady who took the call is very polite; thanks sirs, and will use you again

Belgravia, Battersea, South West London, SW11

You have been recommended by my friend who has used you before, Matthew. He said you were very good and installed his new Valliant boiler and it works so well. Hot water and heating works much better than before. Then I just thought I would try your service, I called you up to fit new gas fire and you’ve done very good job you left my place tidy and you were very careful with gas regulations. I don’t know how you remember all these. Next time if I have more work to get done I will call you again! I love my new fire

Jeans, Excel, Docklands, E14

Well done for your help, I’m sorry I shouted down the phone at you! I was just in a hurry to get my tenants sorted out; I think looking back they way you dealt with it was great, swiftly and professional; I would recommend you; apologies again, and I will use you again definitely

Paula, Camberwell, SE5

Hi from Jazica, cheers for fixing my sink yesterday, it’s cool now!!! I know I need to replace the new tap as per your instruction and I will let you deal with this on behalf of me

Courtney, Aldersbrook, E12

I've use Advanced heating several times. They have worked for my family and they were so satisfied with the work. The boiler they installed is brilliant and modern. They always fit the best quality of materials. The service is great so I wont' hesitate to tell all my friends to use them.

Glenny Mayes, Barnet, N10

You did an excellent job for me. You found the faults on my boiler and worked out how to sort these out very quickly. With the experience you have and how good you are. I think you will be having more and more customers coming to you.

Docklands agent, High Street Kensington, West London, W8

Having my boiler inspected by your qualified gas engineer. That makes me fell much better as I was worried that we would have gas leak somewhere. Luckily you came out and diagnosed the problem properly. You follow all gas regulation strictly and didn’t leave until you were 150% sure everything was safe. I’ve been safe so far. Thanks for looking after me. Great service! I give you 5 stars

Johan Newburgh, Gray's Inn, WC1

My back boiler works beautiful now thanks so much advanced plumbing and heating services. Thanks for being so honest with me and trying to save me money. Your knowledge is worth more than that to me. I think I will get rid of my back boiler and just get the new modern one in. You will be the first one I call

Mica, China, Landlord of Lime house, Whitechapel , E1

Uncontrolled leak that night was so bad. We all were creaming as were so scared. You came in time and saved us!! Million thanks Advanced Heating Service and those people who ere on duty that night

Scott, Kensington & Chelsea, Hammersmith, W14

I meant to write to you when you did the jobs for me but I’ve been very busy. I just want to compliment you for the immersion heater that you replaced for me. It work beautifully and much better than the last one I had. I didn’t know how to use it at first lol I couldn’t find the instruction anywhere and I had to phone you up again. I was embarrassed! But you got me out of trouble again. Thanks Mr. Smith

Katie Mc.Bolin, Catford, SE6

I was so fed up with my leaky radiators! It kept giving me problem all the time.
Thanks for being so well equipped when you were called to fix unblocked toilet at my flat. It was the most horrible you can have. I didn’t expect you to be able to fix it as I was told I might have to call someone else who had big drain jetting. But when you came you really tried your hardest and you unbelievable result. It was fixing, my toilet started to clear up sine to use your special tools and chemical. (I think I have to buy it and keep it for emergency like this next time ha-ha) Thank for fixing my toilet for me Mr. Davis

Jane, Fulham , SW6

Dear Advanced Heating Services, it’s so hard to find some trades man who has experience to deal with something like this. I had boiler problem with wiring faults also my family on the corner had problem with their under floor heating. I called you out and I felt very comfortable with the guy who came. His was really knowledgeable, courteous. Even though he had to go back in and out to his van to get stuff so many times and had to sort the parts out and those parts were not easy to get. No details or serial number shown on the parts at tell. Fantastically that engineer managed to source the parts for me by using skills and experience he has. The n he went out and got the parts came back and fit them, after that everything worked find then he went to sort my under floor heating for my family. Many things went wrong in that system and it wasn’t an easy job but he managed!! EVEYTHING WE ASKED HE HAD ALL ANSWERS FOR US. So million thanks to the managers and all people who trained him up., if it wasn’t because of him we would have had a lot of troubles!

Annie, Shepherd Bush, W13

You plumber was very quick to identify the problem with the leak I had in my bathroom. I couldn’t believe he managed to fix led pipe which is one of then m sot difficult things ever! I had 5 plumbers round before and nobody was able to fix it. I believe you now Andrew what you said to me on the phone “ our price reflect experience and knowledge we have” and I will not await to use any one but only Advanced heating services. Thank you very much for the efficient service

Richard Lee, Kensington & Chelsea, SW3, London

I am writing to say how impressed I am with your company. My electric boiler needed replacing and Andrew, the Technical Manger came out to give me the quote.. He was very efficient and assured me the new model would just fit even though the shape has completely changed, he checked out all regulations that other companies who came out before never did. He spent nearly 3 hours to make sure he checked everything properly as it was very big job. He designed the whole heating and plumbing system for me. After that he sent me final quote, it was very reasonable price comparing with what I got from them, new knowledge and assurance that the job would get done up to high standard. Things that I never knew before. In the next 2 days seen sent 2 engineers to do the work, they didn’t wonderful job, they went through everything with me to make sure I know how to use It., they even cleaned the place for me. I really loved the new system I have; it’s lovely I get better hot water with no lime-scale, heating works 10 times better than before. The boiler looks beautiful... I was a so impressed with Advanced Professional Plumbing and Heating Services. It such a big relief when you get through this situation. They are caring people, didn’t leave me with hot water and heating.

Your name will be passed to all my friends. I’m one of your fans now lol

Craig, Drayton Park, Islington ,North London,N5

Thanks for the gas cooker repair today!!! you fitted a flame fail device or something????It was efficient and friendly service; special thanks go to Maureen, at your office; it’s unusual to get this friendly service

Mark Hendon, NW4

You’ve been to my property couple times first time to seal the gas supply on an old boiler, to test and to provide a landlord's certificate on a gas fire. The second time to fix my shower which had been leaking for months and you just fixed it without any hesitation, the third time to fit my new bath and I can say the whole times I’ve been using you. You’ve been excellent, helpful, friendly and full explanation from you tells neither me that you are nor a cowboy. You do what you are doing.

James, Brondesbury, North West London, NW6

I rang many firms prior to ringing you and I had very impolite staff answering the phones so I decided to ring Advance Services Service. The lady who answer the phone Maureen was unbelievably polite and helpful every word said all ended with Sirs, I’ve never been called Sirs before Loll. She was lovely and professional, she was concentrating to what I was saying and explaining to her about my plumbing and heating problems and even though Advanced Heating Service was absolutely busy on the day, she tried her best to fit me in even for very shot notice I couldn’t believe that. She saw a lovely an engineer who was that helpful. He saved me from having to pay for the hotel accommodation as he fixed all the problems at the same time.
Special thanks to your guys, well done

Rosie Kate, Western Avenue, Ealing, W5

Special thanks are due to all office staff and engineers made an over- the-top effort in getting my shower cartridge repaired. Many thanks for being so kind and understanding. You are the one company who care so much about customer

Chris, South Woodford, E18

Amazing, I did all the DIY jobs myself, and you probably know when someone try to do the work without paying trained engineer. I have and answer to myself one day when I stated fitting the whole bathroom I, and then everything ended up going wrong, I cause the leaks and burst pipes. I had to get someone like you to come and correct things for me. I did the right thing having you out you guided me to the right directions you even took me to the part centers to get the right stuff and you just came back to fitted everything aback for me. You did excellent job and things did go wrong, my bathroom looks lovely. Having DIY plumbing and heating Technical consultancy service helps a lot of people who are in the same position as me

Teresa, Chingford Hatch, east London, E4

This is to express my praise and gratitude for the boiler, hot water tank installation carried out by your company. The installation has been done professionally with reasonably price. You did what we asked. My friend came to my house one day and they asked me how I managed to find a good company who did very good job like this. I just told here you are very experienced and recommended here to use you if she ever wants to have her heating or plumbing system installed. She kept your number and I think you will hear from her in the future.

Elaine, Paddington, West London, W2

Please pass all my appreciation to everyone and special favor you did for me with your big heart. All huge problems seem simple when we are in you hands.

Danny, Archway, North London, N19

Our tenant, Danial and Missa were more than pleased with your service. They had lots of problems with electric water heater. They phoned up crying that they due to not having hot water. I phoned up your company and you just sent someone out on the same day. He diagnosed the problems and found out the eater heater is too old to repair so he reckoned that we should get the new one as we could more money better that keep spending money every time it breaks. We knew it could take hours to pay someone to pay this with cheaper rate but I didn’t want to take a risk of getting the job done badly ( as I’ve had experience before) then I decided to give him to work and he went and got the new water heater and sorted everything out for us. I was so relived to get this done. I can say you did very gold job and you put yourself to our position by not leaving us with not hot water.

Duncan, Wimbledon, SW19

I was given a 5-star service to Advanced Heating Service with obvious reason, they put customer first, dedicated, fair and have very good approach. As soon as I seen your guy who came out I knew that he was a very good guy and I was very glad;. I will be using you again and recommending you to all my friends and everyone I know. Every penny I spent on you is worthwhile

Pattana, Chelsfield, BR6

I love the radiators you installed for me. They look nice and modern and go well with all furniture I have. Thanks for doing a good job. I will use you again.

Lissa, Westminster, Brixton SW2

Thanks for servicing all the boilers at all my properties and thanks for pointing out that some of them need replacing and repairing. Your prices are reasonable and I think I really get value for my money

Jassy, Kentish Town, NW5

Unbelievable plumber! got my burst pipes underneath concrete floor sorted on the same day. I won’t use anyone else apart form Advanced Heating Services. That’s all I can say

Peng, Clapham, SW9


Customer feedback for Glazing Services

On the 23 July your glazier attended my office to survey the area and the layout and look at what sort of glasses would be most suitable for high rise office building like mine. I would like you to let you know how impressed I was by his competence, he took I interest of what was required and went over all regulations really thoroughly. I was so surprised of his speed of work the quality of work from really normal looking office to such a modern one. He fitted the wonderful glasses he recommended. I glad I let him look after everything for me. Your organisation also has excellent staff who are more than helpful and they are great asset to your organisation. Seldom, it seems these days; I have the opportunity to commend the effort of others.

Jeck Marbleson , Studio Manager
Lincoln's Inn Fields, London

Dear Advance Glazing Services,
I wish to thank you for your very quick response to our call and the excellent service received, excellent quality of the work you did. I love my new windows and doors. You, of course, added value to my home.
Amandy Lissey,

Professional councellor
Knightsbridge‏, City of London

Can't speak highly enough of high standard glazing service I received from Advanced Professional Glazing Services I had my window smashed up for unknown reason even though I’ve never ever had any enemy lol. I Called these guy up to come and deal with my emergency situation. They sent a glazier out to me within 2 hours and he dealt with the problem suddenly. Even though I had to spent money getting new window fitted (that’s just life!) but I actually got even better window for my house. I wish I could do it myself unfortunately I’m a painter! I found a good company who can provide good glazing service and multi trades.

Patel Clark,
Self-employed painter, Hoxton, Islington, North London

We had previously had a nasty experience with a glass company, they had messed me about with the arrangements and material delivery. I had had to for a different glazing company or glazing contractor. My friend who had used Advanced Professional for plumbing and gas work had advised I should try them. I contacted Advanced Professional Glazing Services. What I found out was their engineers and every one in their firm was totally opposite to that company : reliable, customer-oriented and caring.
He was everything that the other company wasn't: reliable, customer-oriented, and efficient. I had had the work done for less but much better quality. I had asked the company to do some extra work outside the scope, they did everything. I asked for and without more cost. It was nice so nice to see what was done by the better company who was pleased with the final result as we did.

Steve H Pratte
Telesale person, Oxford Circus, W2 Westminster London

To Advanced Professional Glazing Service team
Thanks so much for your loyalty and customer care attitude with personal touch towards us. We were treated so well every time we use for different sorts of service they provide. We don’t just get them to deal with our window, door glazing work but we also get them to do some work on our air-con unit and heating as well. Thanks once again for forming this company to give a wide range of service needed by people in London and all around the UK.

Tim George Timony,
Student of University College London

I live in Ireland but have some rental flats in Enfield, Romford, Covent Garden, Riverside London. As I’m quite far away so I advised my tenants to look for a reliable company with high speed service. They found this family run business and had to round to do plenty of work. I’ve never been let down by this company – Advanced Professional Glazing Services. The level of their service shows is second to none, they always provide us with the specialised glass from leading manufacturer with the minimum of fuss. Also when we get them to do electrical, plumbing or heating work. We’ve always been surprised with their high speed service. I and my tenants will stick by them.

Irene Mohammad,
Owner of properties in London

Modern Double glazed door with dog flap
We had a dog flap installed in a set of our stylist doors which required a complete new pane of double glazed glass. Advanced Professional Glazing Service came out and did a fantastic job it was done to a high standard in agreed time scales. They were absolutely accurate about the work they priced up.
Your Faithfully,

Isamina Howe, Teacher of High School
Romford, Essex

My brother and uncle used them years ago before they moved out of London. I’ve used Advanced Professional Glazing Services myself for other types of service as I had to get them to repair the commercial boiler in the office I’ve worked for before. They also did wonderful jobs for my colleagues too. I have just recently had a new front door installed it looks amazing and cheers me up every time I see it. They also did something that I didn’t even expect them to do when they saw my living room door loose they just sorted it out for me.What a fantastic trade company
Mel Dewala,

Mortgage Advisor, Sydenham Hill , SE26 Southeast London

Million thanks for your polite manner, your honesty, your efficiency your competent level which helps me

Jane Winsley,
Professional Phychaitrist, SW13 Castlenau


Feedback for Electricians

After calling Advanced Electrical Services – the electrician from arrived within the hour, fixed my security light outside and fitted my new chandelier fitting very promptly and professionally. He went through and showed me what he was exactly doing. Great value for money and service with a fun and cheery personality from you guys, what more can you ask for?

Chingford Hatch, East London , E4

Anita K

I need a few electrical jobs done in my office. The first one was to disconnect a next door shop’s light which was taking power off my circuit. The second job was to check up if there is any electric fault that causes my under floor heating not to work for weeks. The third one was to replace the timer in a storage room and remove, replace and rewire a faulty socket. The friendly NICEIC registered electrical expert completed the jobs within the matter of hours even though he came across some existing wiring problem that previous electrician from a different company never found out and surprisingly that the whole electric system was not even done up to British Standard. If I never called the competent electrician from Advanced Professional Electrical Services I wouldn’t have found this out and all of us would have experienced some hassle.

The electrician from Advanced Professional Electrical Services made sure everything was done professionally he checked things over and over to make sure everything was safe to be left the way it should be and he brought everything up to high standard. These jobs were carried out most efficiently way.. The charges for this were reasonable. I, as the owner of the company, am very satisfied with the work and service provided by your caring and professional guy and would ask Advanced Professional Electrical Services to return in future again for any electrical work I may need.

Knightsbridge, City London, SW1

Alexandra, MBJ Catering Services


Advanced Professional Electrical Services came in at short notice and satisfactorily completed all the work requested by ma father who is 85 years old. He was very happy with the level of professionalism from your guys he said to me that he wouldn't hesitate using you again for a few rented flats he has.

Thomas, (on behalf of my dad John)

Excel, East London, E14

I had the work done by Advanced Professional Electrical Services and they complete the jobs I requested very quickly. When comparing your prices with some other local electrical companies in the area, but the service was just brilliant - really polite, punctual and sorted out the problem without any headache. I will keep using you again and again.

Regards, Jason Brown

St. John’s Wood, Northwest London, NW8


Advanced Professional Electrical Services sent a reliable electrical specialist who has done a complete electric installation in 5 bedroom terrace house. They were punctual, hard working and competent. One more important key to success they have is their ability to explain entail and answer all awkward questions from a strong character like me. I was really impressed with everything even though I kept changing my mid all the time during the job but they were very patient with me and they did everything I asked or without any hesitation. Your company is highly recommended by me. I give you 10 scores out of 10.

Jack, (a confused handyman who tried to do the work myself)

Soho, WC2 London city

Advanced Professional Electrical Services undertook the following work, which was required on short notice as part of refurbishment work that was being carried out at our building.

Re-fitted a damaged consumer unit and did Electrical test & inspection and Electrical safety certificate. Your registered electrician has been recommended by my friend who had used your service. Your electrician was very friendly and courteous and worked in a clean and efficient manner. I also requested for more work to be done when I do the house up and you provided the quotation so promptly and reasonably as well.

Who would you choose to do the work between a company who messed me about and took six months to arrange an electrician to come to me in the past and Advanced Professional Electrical Services who just came out the same day after I phoned and did everything I requested ? Have you ever experienced something like this?

If, yes why hesitate to call Advanced Professional Electrical Services then?

Justin Guy, Elephant & Castle, SE1 London
Chartered accountant


Million thanks for sending someone who was so efficient to attend my premises really late on X-Mas night when I didn’t think I would have managed to get anyone but your company was opened. That’s was amazing. I had all electric cut out without any indication but your electrician could just sort it within the first 15 minutes. Your guy certainly knew what he was doing!

Jennie Zera, Secondary school teacher

Kennington, South East London


Suddenly had no lights at all, called up and booked the electrician from Advanced Professional Electrical Services. He was there more than there hours but charge me only two and a half hours. I was glad I got the discount!. Will be using this company again.

Paul Stufford, Tenant of semi-detatched house

Battersea , SW1 , Central London


Finding the staff from your firm were very helpful and pleasant to deal with. I had problem with electrical connection from my electric appliances for the whole house from time to time and I got really fed up with it. The electrical engineer did a great job. I expected the job to be night mare but your company saved me from going through my bad imagination. He just got on with the work very , left no mess. I’ve already recommended them to my friends as they service is considered to be exceptional and working company, sincerely.

GM, Lite contractor
Old Broad Street, Central London

Even though it was an hour's work, and small job I employed you to do, changing over a broken shower switch. It was carried out in a professional way and left with even better condition. I’m planning to have some more electrical work done in the flat – to install a new modern chandelier, wire up old cable in my storage room which has been cut off completely. You will be called to my flat again and I know your standard. Please consider me as a very happy customer.

Janett Browns,

Local shop assistant, Marble Arch , W1 London

Feedback for Building & Carpentry Services


Builder feedback

The registered builders from Advanced Professional Building & Carpentry Services have just finished up on my ex-rented house in Bethnal Green, E1 London. They’ve turned it from old looking house from 70’s to a stylish looking modern converted house

I originally employed them to just fit air-conditioning system then found out later that they also do refurbishment and building work I didn’t hesitate to get the to quote me to do the whole job as I was going to allocate to somewhere else due to work commitment. They ended up handling the project from management side to the final finishing up until the end.

They've fitted a new bathroom, new kitchen, put a new ceiling on the side return and replaced all the flooring with new oak boards, ect.

Their work is absolutely spot on, I feel I really get more from what I even paid them – theit price was not too expensive when capering with their five star wotking standard.

If you want to add more value to your own place I wouldn’t mind to tell more good stories about this company.

Bett Steward, Financial Negotioator


Advanced Professional Building & Carpentry Services definitely speed my business up!

Especially now as I am buying up properties from auctions and selling them more than ever. I have used the building services provided by these guys. I have never had the need to get another company to renovate my properties since.

I find them to be very reliable and very hard working, they always make sure that they complete jobs property without any fault or re-maintain. They have a great team of builders, tillers, joiner, plasters, air-con engineers, plumbing and heating engineer etc to cover many sorts of trade who had been with them as family run business from the beginning.

They do a lot of work for letting agents, trades people and more. I know as I’ve been a huge fan of them so you can ask me anything about them really.

Johnson Patel,
Property Agent, East London, East India Dock Road

The quote for refurbishment work for my commercial building was competitive and very professionally presented. They paid a lot of attentions to deal every single detail of the whole project. When doing the job I could tell they have years of experience to deal with all complication, were well-prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

Brick work, woody work and everything was followed up to the planes they showed me before they started (providing samples and advice). The granite floor they fitted for me looks amazing and I love all the new designed they came up with.
I can say the very whole project was very well done and proved ideal in protecting the work from getting done by cowboys that I had come across in the past !

Bryoni Whealers
Professional Auctioner,
Soho, City if London

Bought new kitchen from John & Lewis and Advanced Professional Building & Carpentry Service has been recommended to me through a sale person. Having the work done neatly and beautifully by top installer like your makes me not want to use my new kitchen as I don’t want it to look old! Just want to keep it the way it looks like this forever. I will be getting you to do more work next time. Heard my neighbour is wanting the get their bathroom fitted actually I will pass your name to them.

Alizabeth Fraser,
London, SE13 Lewisham

They price for Advanced Professional Building & Carpentry Services is realistic and covers a lot of planning and drawing services as well. I recently purchased a bungalow and had all recommended builders, tillers, joiners, interior designers, plumbing and heating fitters to come and handle the conversion from the bungalow into a luxury home. They turned the project around in only two months and helped me make a good profit.

Building contractors from Advanced Professional Building & Carpentry Services are good for any council, letting agent, commercial property owner because they help and advise them on various construction issues. They also provide you with building written reports as well. I have given their details to most of my family and mates. They have comment highly of them.

Karn Western

Rental property owner, Kensington & Chelsea London 

Professional builders from Advanced Professional have designed and completed my Loft Conversion and Extension. They designed in such the way that I can use most of the spaces usefully. They are very quick and the workmanship and finish is excellent.

They started work about 6 weeks ago and e weeks ago and have completed everything including fitting in the new bathroom suite and kitchen. They did not disrupt the house and kept everything tidy and dust free. I got their number from my friends who had them working alongside with their manger at their workplace. I am more than pleased to keep using them again and again because they price their jobs realistically and offer a host of separate services including architecture and structural engineering. They also helped me with planning permission and the party wall agreement and doing the reports for my insurance people as well.

Thanks once again.

Pantai Strong
Professional GP, Woodford Green, IG8

I work for property management company and we need three stone patios laid down and a pathway with small level bricked are on the lawn; levels had to match the existing and specification high. Advance Professional Builder and all workforce worked efficiently and were very tidy with their rubbish; clearing up every evening before leaving sight. It was done even ahead of the schedule and under the budget quoted. That’s something really hard to find nowadays. I will not think twice of using them again for our next projects.

Thanks from all of our team

Robert Grillian,
Letting representative, Victoria Docks, E16 East London

Our marriage mansion looks fabulous thanks very much indeed to all teams of guys from Advanced Professional Building & Carpentry Services. We currently have four bedrooms with extra non-suite and bathroom suited. They are so modern looking and all of family and mated have said WOW! to what we have every time they come to visit us. However, we really have to give your guys credit for all the efforts you put into. We can’t thank you enough to make our marriage life so wonderful with the lovely house created by your building engineers.

Penny & Peter Poash

Camden Town, Northwest London, NW1

Punctual, polite, very thorough and did the very good job and cleared away. I was left feeling very pleased with the new flooring , walls and ceiling that had been placed in my living room. Just such a professional company!

Joanne Games ,

Holborn, Central of London


Locksmiths feedback

Locksmith guy from Advanced Locksmith Services was very organised, he is the best locksmith that we have ever used. I am very pleased with the service I received and would recommend him to anyone I know. He dealt with a lot of difficulties trying to unlock the very old security door lock which is no longer made. This shows how experienced he is.

Mike Furnish and the team
East London, E3 Mile End

I own a few grocery shops in Piccadilly Circus, Central London. One of our shop needed a new security lock installed and after having spent nearly a week looking for one myself with really time limit, I looked on the internet and found Advanced Locksmith Services and called them out. Not only did they have the new lock I was looking for, they installed it in a few minutes. We would highly recommended these guys to anyone. Excellent service.
George Tanat,

Owner of shops in Piccadilly Circus, London city

I would like to commend on one of your locksmith crew. He was efficient and fast. I called you and left the message tor a key specialist to ring me back. I got a call from the guy a few minutes later (that was fast!) I first discussed with him about the problem I was having. I explained how he would deal with the problem and gave me an estimate of the cost. I booked him though the office staff and he was over within an hour. He managed to open my lock without damaging it and saved the lock so I could keep my old keys. It looked very easy to him but wasn’t to me and I must admit I had tried to fix it myself and I nearly broke it.

He really was my knight in shining armour for the night and I would certainly get you out again if I ever misplace the key and lost them (hopefully not though!)

Richard A. Quinn,

Dress maker, N18 Upper Edmonton , North London

I can't recommend Advanced Professional locksmith highly enough - what a nightmare situation I had (locked myself out on a Saturday night after the party with my mates) but in the end turned into a pleasant experience which saved me money in the long run.

A friendly locksmith guy turned up with all equipments handy turned up promptly he was caring as must have felt sorry for me standing in the cold for hours (Unlike some locksmiths out there) he managed to get in without damaging the lock (such as by drilling or breaking it) by going in through the letterbox with a handy gadget. This saved me nearly £100 on a new lock and he also recommended better lock and offered to fit it at no charge other than the cost of the lock, which was unbelievable. If ever I need a locksmith again, or know of anyone else who does, I won't hesitate to call. Good Luck with your growth plans for the future.

Hele Galsa,
Orpington, BR4 (Bromley & Kent areas)

The first time we used Advanced Professional Locksmith Services in July last year when I and my sister were locked out of the flat as we lost the key somewhere. My sister called these guys up one of the locksmith engineers came out and he used special equipment to open our door safety and he changed our locks with better quality of leading brand of lock.The locksmith specialist is a very reliable and clearly has an excellent knowledge of his trade. We found this very reassuring and helpful.

Peat Killnock

West London, W4 Acton Green

Home late from work, left my keys in the my long distance office. called the locksmith from Advanced Professional Losksmith Services, they arrived in 2 hours and sorted it our without any hassle. Paid up , not too pricey, happily got in.

Russell Cole,

Editor, SW1 Hyde Park Corner , Southwest London

In an emergency situation we called upon the services of the greatest Locks locksmiths who we’ve been recommended by our friends. We’d found ourselves locked outside our house, incapable to open the door lock because of a key broken off inside the door lock. We dreadfully needed to use the door and enter the house because my little girl was locked inside. The experienced locksmith got the locksmith tools and got to us faster than we thought was possible (within 30 minutes of our call the locksmith got to us). The price was very reasonable, so when the man suggested I just went with it. He also suggested all kinds of security locks such as a child safety locks & window locks and he had all sorts of locksmith in his van stock. I ended up having lock change and a wall safe.One more time I needed a car locksmith service I called Advanced Professional Locksmith Services . They were the most trustworthy and highly skilled
Best wishes to the bright future guys

James Ningly,

Highgate , N5 North London

Advanced Professional Locksmith Service completed a tricky job in my expensive car garage. Locksmithing is an area in which integrity, competence, professionalism, credentials and trust are of paramount importance. We were very satisfied, with the service provided by everyone in this organisation. I would highly recommend without hesitation. Just thinking I have no wonder because they are family run business do you can certainly trust them.

June Mililtion,

Barons Court, W7 West London

Hi everyone in Advanced Professional Locksmith Services, thank you very much all of you for your brilliant help this evening. I really appreciate everything you have done to get us out of a real trouble. I will certainly get someone who contact you again regarding the contract. I will be recommending your company should anyone need their property or vehicle locks sorted!

Jonathan Emmual,

Kings Cross WC2 , London city

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